There are many different versions of the craps dice game that you might encounter when you are playing the game in your favorite casino. However, what you need to be aware of are the basic rules that everyone should know before even getting started. By understanding the differences between the various craps dice games that you encounter, you can increase your chances of winning much faster than if you did not understand any of the odds and variations.

craps dice game

First, let us discuss each individual multi-roll betting option. Regular Bet. The regular bet is probably the easiest of all the bets in the craps dice game to understand. Simply place a bet equal to the number of times you throw the dice, regardless of how many cards you have to get the job done with. If you throw three cards, then you lose the bet. When you place a bet, you are using the basic craps control system to determine the odds of winning and losing.

Multi Rolls. As mentioned above, the multi-roll bets are probably the easiest to understand. These are bets where more than one roll of the dice can be made. In many versions of the craps dice game you are allowed up to six multi-rollers per game. If you are dealing with players that do not share the same team, they are still allowed up to six multi-rollers per game. This is because in most cases there are usually more players involved in multi-rollers than in the regular bets, which makes it very difficult to analyze the odds of everyone on a specific team or in a specific situation.

Edge. An edge is a little slice of luck. Some people have a natural advantage when it comes to playing craps and can always “sense” what will happen before anyone else does. However, if you do not have an edge, then no matter how much playing time you have, you will eventually lose. The best way to increase your edge is to increase the number of bets that you place (adding more players makes this easier).

Handicap. You cannot have an edge in a craps dice game without making some other bets. If you are a solid, consistent player, then you should have no problem increasing your betting pool and “charging” your edge. There is however another way to gain an edge, which is through raising your bets, but this requires observation skill and a lot of common sense. Many players are unable to raise their bets enough and end up losing.

Rounding. Everyone loves a fast, yet smooth, game of craps. That’s why most casinos allow players to choose a starting hand, which is rolled from the “pool” or “kicker.” However, there are several players who dislike this option because they feel that the more hands the dealer rolls, the less likely he is to even make a bet. For this reason, some players choose to keep the total number of possible bets at a minimum, thus counteracting the “common” strategy of rolling all the dice and potentially getting nothing done.